healthcare 2


I’ve experienced the healthcare system in different ways throughout my life. As a child and young adult I was on my parents’ insurance policy; I’ve had coverage through public programs during times of transition and economic hardship (serving in AmeriCorps, job transitions, periods of unemployment); and I’ve also had insurance coverage through my employer. Though I’m grateful that I’ve had access to affordable health insurance I know that this is not the case for everyone in Minnesota. We’ve done some pretty innovative things with healthcare in our state, but it’s time that we take further steps to make our system more accessible and affordable for ALL Minnesotans.

From what I’ve learned I support moving to a publicly financed privately delivered healthcare system. I like many aspects of the Minnesota Health Plan, as proposed by Senator John Marty.

education 3


I’ve worked in public schools in some way or another since high school. I’ve met a lot of dedicated teachers, staff, and volunteers and worked with some pretty great students. I’ve also seen firsthand the struggles and difficulties facing our students, families, and school staff. Students who aren’t reading at grade level struggle to keep up with their classmates; parents struggle to balance the demands of work and family life; staff grow frustrated with the amount of time spent on testing and insufficient support services for students who need them most. Minnesota also has a large and stubborn achievement gap which must be addressed in order to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to the opportunities that education can provide.

As your state representative I will work to address these problems by supporting efforts to expand access to early education opportunities, increase funding for school support services and literacy programs such as the Minnesota Reading Corps, and encourage schools to provide wraparound services to students and families. I will also push for policies that make college more accessible and affordable for Minnesota families.



Minnesota is a beautiful place to live, with many lakes, state parks, and other natural resources that we all enjoy. We must do all that we can to ensure that current and future generations of Minnesotans enjoy healthy lives and get to experience the beauty that is Minnesota.

As your state representative I will support policies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance the development of renewable energy. I will support energy and resource conservation efforts, including efforts  by local businesses and communities to conserve water.

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