We need to invest in our future by investing in our children, and that starts with education. While we’re doing a lot of things right in Minnesota there’s a lot more that we can do to help all of our children be successful both in and out of school. As your state representative I will:

  • Support efforts to expand access to early education opportunities so that all of our students are ready for kindergarten and set up for success later in life
  • Work to increase funding for school support services and expand full-service community schools program
  • Fight for new public/private investments in our higher education system to help ease the burden of student loan debt in our community



We must do all that we can to ensure that current and future generations of Minnesotans enjoy healthy lives and get to experience the beauty that is Minnesota. Locally, we have to work together to develop and implement solutions to the lake level issue. As your state representative I will:

  • Help advance policies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance the development of renewable energy
  • Support energy and resource conservation efforts, including efforts  by local businesses and communities to conserve water



We need to advocate for working Minnesotans while ensuring that our business community has the skilled workers they need to be successful. As your state representative I will:

  • Support policies that provide working Minnesotans with paid family leave and earned sick time
  • Work with school districts, community and technical colleges, nonprofits, and businesses to help ensure that we have enough skilled workers to fill jobs


If you’d like to know more about where I stand on the issues please feel free to contact me at