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ARTICLE: The top 15 Minnesota House races to watch

ARTICLE: The 15 Minnesota House races (and one Senate race) to watch in 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Nasty negative ads don’t belong in our local race

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Wazlawik

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t be swayed by special-interest groups

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Candidate brings fresh approach to Legislature

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support candidates who support gun laws

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Candidate an advocate for strong and safe schools

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Redistricting could have big effect

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Candidates diverge on important gun legislation

ARTICLE: If early spending is any indication, the battle for the Minnesota House will be fought in the ’burbs

ARTICLE: How Minnesota’s major independent expenditure committees have been spending their money on the 2018 election

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Candidate will advocate for small business, education

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: State representative from White Bear Lake, for White Bear Lake

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Candidate came prepared to forum

PRESS RELEASE: Hometown Candidate Ami Wazlawik Impresses at Candidate Forum

ARTICLE: Who’s running for the Minnesota Legislature in 2018